Facial massage

Depending on the skin type, a special lotion or oil is used to massage the face. Maximum relaxation and well-being is achieved through the pleasant massage technique. An ampoule rich in active ingredients can be ordered in addition to the basic massage to achieve the best possible effect. This includes anti-aging, moisturising or a lifting effect, for example. Take a look at our range of ampoules, choose something suitable or get expert advice.


Reflexology – foot reflex zone massage

In a healthy body, the life energy flows unhindered and can supply all areas evenly. Health is at risk when the flow of energy is congested or blocked for a long time. Reflexology can release such blockages and congestion and re-harmonise the energetic system. The aim of a reflexology foot massage is to prompt the human organism to restore its natural, healthy functions. The reflexology foot massage is also a nice support for spring and purification diets or as an accompaniment to fasting treatments or smoking cessation.

Our Pricing

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Massages Name Duration Price
Face 30m 200.00 AED
Reflexology (Foot) 30m 250.00 AED


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