Enjoy one of our selected beauty treatments

Enjoy one of our selected beauty treatments. Your skin is unique and needs unique care. The treatment begins with intensive cleansing and a lotion that neutralises and soothes your skin. We will create an absolutely individual treatment concept just for you. We will keep your details on file so that we can build the treatments one on the other.  

You will initially be given a detailed introductory consultation during your first visit. This is where the goals are set that are to be achieved as a result of the face treatment in Dubai. 

Our Pricing

Select the price that suits you best

Facial Name Duration Price
The Skincare Signature Treatment Upto 90m Starts 800.00 AED
Collagen Threads incl. Micro Needling Upto 90m 1200.00 AED
Collagen Film Upto 90m 400.00 AED
Micro Dermabrasion Upto 90m 700.00 AED
Micro Needling Upto 90m 950.00 AED
BB Glow Upto 90m 800.00 AED


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